Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a great day!

22nd February 2011, 9am. As our usually weekly birding practice, SH Chai drove CK Jack and me to our usual birding destination at Seberang Perak Teluk Intan. That day the weather is good. And the farmers is cutting down the paddy after it has been harvest. This is the time that eagles, egrets and herons came for food. As the tractor cutting down the paddy, barn mouse is the victim. They normally ended up being sliced by the blades.

I started my shot with a Grey-faced Buzzard (Butastur indicus) flying around the owl house standing at the middle of the paddy field.

Soon I see it flying up then turn around and give me a good pose.

Then I saw 2  Grey-faced Buzzard  fighting and a Brahminy Kite passed by. It is always fascinating to see their acts.

Here is other pictures of Buzzard and Kite taken by me.

Few months ago, I saw my friend posted a Lesser Adjutant photo. My friend told me that he snap it from mangrove forest near Penang. Oh that will be very far from here. But that day, we got a huge surprise. Ck spotted a Purple heron look a like flying high up the skies. He ask me how come purple heron can fly up so high?

Thus is have a look from my view finder. Oh man! Its not a purple heron. Its a Lesser Adjutant. Wow, this is the first time i look at it and it is flying.

This is the best I can get. It fly very high. We waited for a while and it did not lower down at all. Hopefully I can get a better shot next trip.

Below is some other photo I taken that day.

Around 11pm, my friend Scooppy called and ask me want to go for night birding. Both of us go to Sungai Manik Teluk Intan to search for Common Barn-owl (Tyto alba). This it the next owl we want to snap after we snap the fish-owl. It is not difficult to find common barn-owl. As soon as we enter the first road, I saw it standing at the electric pillars. Here is some of the photograph I taken that night.

Here is the video recorded by Scooppy and me.

Common Barn-owl Part 1.

Common Barn-owl Part 2.

Thank you for viewing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buffy Fish-owl (Ketupa ketupu)

Last week, when most people celebrating Chinese New Year, I was busy working in the kitchen. I haven't tell you guys I am actually a chef. Working for family run restaurant. Working non stop since morning till late night, I miss my photography. On the 6th day of Chinese New Year, around 11pm my friend Scooppy called me, saying that one of our friend spotted an owl at housing area.

I was surprised. Couldn't believe it, because it was my dream to snap an owl (not from zoo, please). I quickly went home and tell my wife that my friend spotted an owl and I want to go and snap it. She says 'hurry go..and becareful' (very supportive wife)

Here is some shot I take that day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A day to remember.

25/1/2011. Its a cloudy day. Perfect for another birding trip with my two buddies  SH Chai and CK Jack. As planned a day earlier, we set off the trip to Seberang Perak for our birding trip. Seberang Perak as I say in my earlier entry, there is plenty of egrets, heron, eagles and other smaller size birds. But why it is a day to remember?

About 5 months ago when I go to Seberang Perak with SH Chai, I snapped a Brahminy Kite ( Haliastur indus) or in Malay, we called it Lang Merah flying with a mouse as prey at its feet. However the kite was too far and the photo is totally useless. With disappointment in myself, I set a goal that I will someday no matter how long it takes, I will snap it clear and large.

Finally the patience pays. As we heading home after snapping various of birds, we come to a T junction. SH Chai asked me whether I'm in hurry to go home or not. I replied "Nope" . If we turn right, that is the way out from the paddy fields. SH Chai must have instinct in his heart. He turned left.

Along the road there is many long grass and beautiful scenery. It was so relaxing. Suddenly, CK Jack shouted stop. He said he saw something hiding at the tree. I was thinking that it must be an eagle. So I pointed out my camera and have a look. Oh! it was a Brahminy Kite eating something. SH Chai suggest that we must go down and get some shots.

Guess what, my dream come true. It was a Brahminy Kite with its prey, a mouse. The kite is enjoying its meal. When it saw us, it flew out with its meal. Look what I've got.......

It was a fantastic day. I can't even believed it myself. These were the shots that I'm totally happy with. Totally satisfied.

These guys are wonderful, SH Chai (right) CK Jack (left). It was a great teamwork. We snapped photos that seldom we will see. One can easily get Brahminy Kite photo picking up food (chicken fat/ intestine) from waters in Langkawi. But not a mouse under its feet.

Below is some other photos that I snapped that day. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you for viewing.