Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At Seberang Perak (Teluk Intan) - Introductions.

Often, once a week I went to Seberang Perak with my best friend and also my photography-mate SH Chai to snap some large egret, herons and also eagles. As an introductions before I write further about Seberang Perak, I would like to share some of the types of birds at Felcra paddy plantation. It is always a great shooting moments when I go there with my friends. Snapping under the hot sun, my wife always complain that I'm getting darker. Haha.

The Felcra plantation road is bad, we need a strong 4x4 to get in and snap from our vehicles. SH Chai is really a great friend. I would like to thank him a lot for taking me to Seberang Perak.

Beautiful landscape at Seberang Perak is simply breath-taking. There is as many as 20 types of birds I've have snap from Seberang Perak, and I will be happy to share it with you here.

Tractor is use to plow the field before planting new paddy. Egrets will be there to pick up 'free' worm, insects or frogs. "It is always easy to follow the tractors", the egrets says.

These egrets have a comfort zone at least 30 feets.  We can't get closer than that. We'll scare them away.

Below is some landscape that I've taken at Seberang Perak. Next I will post types of birds that I have snap from there.

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