Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spotted: Crested Serpent-eagle (Spilornis cheela)

2nd January, 2010. 6pm: As I going back to restaurant after deliver dinner for my wife, I saw a crested serpent eagle standing at an electrical pillar. For me, when I saw a big birds, its like found a big chunk of money. Haha.

At the kitchen, I told my dad what I saw just now. My dad ask me whether I manage to snap it or not. I say I wasn't driving my car. My camera is in my car. Then my dad replied, 'Go now, hopefully its still there.' So I grasp my car keys and head to the spot again.

I was so lucky that the eagle still standing there. I took a few shot of its actions and waited it to fly. Near 6.30pm, it still stand there not moving at all. Maybe it is waiting for food. It's getting late. I'm not waiting for it to fly off. Previously I snap it flying before at Seberang Perak (will share with you next time).

Super good luck today. Normally I won't carry my camera bag around. Today something telling me that I must carry my camera bag. Guess that my instinct is correct.

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  1. This is lovely brother. If you could add in some sound clip like bird singing; the feel gonna be magnificent.

    I like this brother..