Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What bird is this? Koel or Coucal?

Few days ago, I went to Teluk Intan Riverfront for usual birding practice. My friend CK came along with me. As usual, we will sit on the bench for a while, while waitting for and interesting birds come. Just for few minutes, I saw a few long tailed parakeet flying around. Then they hang around the tree. I managed to snap a few shot of it.

That day is a quite an exciting day. I snap a bird that until now no one can determine what species is it. Some say koel, and some say coucal. I have ask many people who loves birds, they also can't give me the right answer. Hopefully I'll get the answer soon. Below is the photo.


  1. Brother... this is really lovely. I like this one very much...

  2. that is a Koel, probably sub-adult?